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#MedicareForAll: actually affordable healthcare reform that DOESN’T give away 💰to for-profit millionaires who don’t want to cover us when we’re sick

#blacklivesmatter: end criminal injustice disproportionately endured by people of color

#EndCitizensUnited: decreasing the influence of money on the outcome of our elections

#greennewdeal: pursue aggressive, socially conscious solutions to our climate crisis

- #FamiliesBelongTogether: stop racist immigration enforcement in all forms

- #WearRedForEd: proper education funding that doesn’t result in mass striking for teachers to receive basic resources

#EnoughisEnough: reducing gun related deaths (number one cause is self-inflicted) in an era where 3-D printers can make guns

#EndtheStigma: tackling mental health care and the epidemics of stress, depression, addiction and suicide among teens and young adults.

- Celebrate and protect the LGBTQIA+ community

#EqualPayforEqualWork: including pay transparency and not allowing salaries or pay scales to be set on prior wages that may have been discriminatory

#UnionSolidarity: making sure workers are able to stand up to would be bullies and ensure safety and basic training and income for their members

#EndMeTooNow reducing rape in workplaces and on college campuses & increasing education on consent among children and adults

#StopSterigenics: making sure companies don’t get away with polluting and killing our residents without any accountability and preventing them from doing so further

- Increasing access to public transportation and public safety as driverless truck fleets and next generation car technology hits the roads


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