Meet Anne...

As a professionally trained researcher, for many years Rep Stava-Murray served as the “voice of the consumer” in the private sector. She learned how to ask the right questions and use the combined intelligence of people and data to create the best path forward.

In her first term as State Representative, Anne has voted to work towards the goals many of our district share:

  1. To ensure Illinois takes a dramatic turn towards long-term financial stability via comprehensive reforms.

  2. To secure our future, serving families and residents across all life-stages: from birth to retirement and everything in between.

Chosen to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine, Rep Stava-Murray is among a set of "non-traditional" candidates turned legislators who stepped up to serve in elected office as our country has taken a direction many are upset by.

She's tired of status quo aspiring politicians who support their personal pocketbooks and those of donors over the residents of their district. 

For too long, machines from BOTH parties have ruled IL politics and like so many others, Anne believes it's time for a change

As such, Rep Stava-Murray is committed to ethical reforms across the board - from campaign finance to fair maps. 

She knows what's at stake for the people who live here - in fact, she and her husband bought the house she grew up so they could raise their kids near family. 

Anne formerly served as a Commissioner on the Naperville Board of Fire & Police, which oversees hiring and promotions for the Fire & Police departments. A co-founder of the Naperville WMA (Women’s March Action), she organized several events focused on increasing kindness & respect in our community and accountability & transparency for politicians.

Before graduating from Dartmouth College, she attended a range of public and private area schools: Scott School (3rd-5th), The Avery Coonley School (6th-8th), and Benet Academy

In her free time, Anne enjoys connecting with family & friends, gardening, bowling, sewing, and a wide range of artistic endeavors.

Democracy requires

We must end the reign of
— Anne Stava-Murray
“I said, ‘Somebody should do something about that.’ ... then I realized I am somebody.”
— Lily Tomlin